Architects & Engineers Insurance

I understand the unique liabilities that design professionals Architects & Engineers face such as design/build and information technology. sometimes unrealistic, expectations of clients because of the type and quality of services they deliver to their clients.The Architects & engineers Professional Liability Insurance program for Architects & Engineers protects against claims and allegations of professional negligence on the part of the business owner or the firm’s employees.

Architects & Engineers are integral in ensuring the successful design and implementation of all development projects. Consequently, they have considerable liability exposure.

Architects & Engineers I

 Architects & Engineers Insurance

The Professional Liability Insurance program for architects and engineers protects against claims and allegations of professional negligence on the part of the business owner or the firm’s employees.

Architects & Engineers Insurance

Architects & Engineers Insurance

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I frequently get asked about small business ” Architects and engineers” Insurance. Newly qualified architects or engineers, opening up new companies, often wonder “how can I get Insurance for my small Architects and engineers business”? Architects and engineers are not always aware that they can get Small Commercial Insurance customized for their specific needs. A savvy business owner should not only look for the cheapest small business insurance but also should have a small business insurance broker who will familiarize himself with the needs of the business owner so that he can steer the new business owner in the right direction. It is quick and easy to apply for small business insurance quotes applications online for Architects and engineers. Alternatively, with a quick call and short application it is now possible to receive a cheap business insurance quote for Architects and engineers .

In Toronto and surrounding areas of Ontario newly qualified Architects and engineers looking for new business insurance in their field are often concerned with getting adequate coverage to cover Ontario Liability for a small business. I can offer advice on Architects and engineers professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) coverage. It is important to know that small business insurance rates can vary according to the coverage they require.

The best small business Insurance for Architects and engineers in Toronto, Ontario is obviously the insurance that gives you the correct Coverages for your specific needs. As your small business insurance broker I can assist you in obtaining business insurance quotes with comprehensive coverage for Architects and engineers.

Commercial Business Insurance in Toronto, Ontario is highly recommended although not mandatory. Business liability insurance is usually included in your company insurance CGL . For peace of mind and to protect your assets Commercial business insurance is your answer.


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