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Bed and Breakfast Insurance Application

Bed-Breakfast Insurance


The operator/owner of a Bed-Breakfast is well aware that this is an extremely competitive field. We know that you have invested a lot of money, time and hard work in your operation. We understand that you have a multitude of different tasks to take care of each day and worrying about your Insurance coverages should not be one of them. In order for you to focus your attention on the daily operations of your hospitality business you need to be totally confident that all your Insurance needs are fully taken care of.

We will focus on your specific Insurance needs and leave you to focus on the running of your Bed and Breakfast.

Allow us to give you peace of mind with our Comprehensive Bed-Breakfast Insurance Policy.

This package will provide you with the necessary coverage for both your personal and business property and operations.

We Know the specific needs and the various exposures that the owner of a Bed-Breakfast is faced with. With this in mind we can give you package that offers you all-in-one protection for both your business and personal needs.

We will offer you coverage that suits your specific needs you can either choose our complete Comprehensive Bed-Breakfast Insurance Coverage Package or you can select only the coverages that you require. Keep in mind that we continually monitor the potential risks and needs that a Bed and Breakfast owner can face.

Bed-Breakfast Insurance

Comprehensive Bed-Breakfast Insurance Policy offers protection for your buildings and contents with no differentiation between your personal and business property. If a loss occurs the coverage includes additional living expense until your property is repaired as well as loss of business income up to the actual loss sustained.

In addition, Comprehensive Bed- Breakfast Insurance Policy includes coverage for the damage to property of your guests that you may be responsible for.

As you can see Comprehensive Bed-Breakfast Insurance Policy is aimed at giving you peace of mind and the confidence in knowing that your assets are protected as fully as possible.

Application For Bed-Breakfast Insurance



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