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One-stop Personal Insurance Shopping Online

One-stop Personal Insurance Shopping Online

Don’t have to waste time searching other websites and call different insurance companies.

Rented Dwellings and Condominiums Insurance

Hard to Place Property Insurance

Boats and Marine Insurance

Auto Insurance – It’s the Law!

Ontario law requires that all motorists have auto insurance.
It’s important to make informed decisions when choosing a policy. With my help we will customize a policy that suits your needs and ensure you are getting the best possible value.
Please Contact : Discuss your needs and to obtain a free quote,

Home Insurance

Your home is one of your most significant investments it’s full of your treasured possessions and precious memories. So it’s important to find the right Home Insurance Coverage to protect your hard-earned assets. Whether you own a Home or Condominium or rent, we together will design and build an insurance package for your home and contents.
We have all the tools you’ll need to find cheap HOME insurance rates in Ontario

Condominium Unit Owner
Tenant Condominiums
Cottages and Trailers
Please Contact:Discuss your needs and to obtain a free quote.
Hard to Place Property Insurance

For property risks that are more difficult to insure due to the type of construction, occupancy, protection and/or exposure, loss experience or class of business.

Vacant homes and buildings
Rented and owner-occupied dwellings
Student housing
Building owners with high-hazard tenants
Bars/taverns/banquet halls (property coverage only)
Remote and unprotected risks
Difficult-to-insure locations

Please Contact: Discuss your needs and to obtain a free quote.

Boats and Marine Insurance

Whether you enjoy fishing, adventure, speed, pleasure or entertainment, I search for best insurance solution for your
Power boat,
Jet skis,
High valued boats

Protect your self with customized guarantees and competitive rates.

Business & Professional Services

Life Insurance

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