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Ride Sharing Driver Insurance Coverage ” Uber “| Private Passenger Vehicle


Transportation network


Transportation network company


Transportation network driver


A digital, online-enabled platform that allows people to arrange transportation services with Uber for compensation using their private passenger vehicle; also referred to as ride sharing-Uber

A technology company that arranges transportation services for compensation using a transportation network, for example, Uber

A driver that is under contract by a transportation network company to carry paying passengers

Features and Benefits

1.The Transportation Network endorsement:

2.It removes the exclusion for carrying paying customers from their policy

3.Extends all policy coverage available to the vehicle

4.Is the first policy to respond to a claim; the usual rules apply for priority of payment. For example, if the passenger has auto insurance then he/she will claim under Accident Benefits from his/her own auto policy.

5.Rates are straightforward, based on driving record, location and hours per week spent driving for the transportation network

6.Rating levels are easy to understand: up to 10 hours per week or up to 20 hours per week

7.Multiple transportation network drivers can be insured on the same vehicle, as long as all eligibility criteria are met

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this endorsement, all transportation network driver(s) under the policy must:

1.Meet all Aviva’s underwriting rules, regardless of driving record

2.Be licensed in Canada or the U.S. for six years or longer (starting from the date the transportation network driver obtained a G2), no other international driving experience will be recognized

3.Be logged onto the transportation network (with that vehicle) for a maximum of 20 hours per week

4.Over 20 hours per week at any time is considered primarily commercial use, making this customer ineligible for private passenger coverage

5.Aviva is authorized to collect, use and disclose information from the insured and the transportation network company pertaining to any driver listed under the policy

In addition to the driver requirements

In addition to the driver requirements, the following criteria must also be met to purchase the Transportation Network endorsement

The vehicle must:

1.Seat no more than eight people (including the driver)

2.Not be used for any retail or wholesale delivery or any other commercial use except carrying paying passengers as a transportation network automobile

3.Not be registered or plated for use as a taxi, limousine or any other public transportation

5.Transportation network company name, for example, Uber

6.Names of all transportation network drivers

7.Maximum hours per week that the automobile is used as a transportation network automobile

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