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This couple didn’t know they could save $800 on car Insurance until they compared our Insurance rates online









Is there a fee to use this quoting system?

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No, not at all. To obtain online Toronto Car Insurance Quotes is free. There are no hidden charges and we do not add any fee to the price you see.

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Auto Insurance Toronto Ontario

How much can I save on Car Insurance in Ajax by buying through an Insurance Broker?

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A young couple recently phoned and thanked us for the incredible savings they had just made by purchasing car insurance in Toronto Ontario through us. They could not believe that they had actually saved over $800.00.

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Auto Insurance Toronto Ontario

How is the premium calculated?

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The calculation is done(amongst others things), according to the make and model of your vehicle, where your vehicle is kept at night, who the driver of the vehicle is, age, previous tickets, what purpose the vehicle is used for and your previous claims history.

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Auto Insurance Ajax

If I select an Insurance company am I committing to anything?

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No, not at all. You are under no obligation whatsoever. After selecting a quote from an Insurance company you will simply get an obligation free Ajax Car Insurance Quote and if you click "I'm interested" you will receive a call from an Insurance Broker and who will help with your requirements over the phone and will email or fax to you application forms to be signed only if you would like to do so.

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Are you looking for cheap car insurance in Ajax

Are you looking for cheap car insurance in car insurance brokers Ajax

Are you looking for cheap car insurance in Ajax, Ontario and are tired of getting ripped off by inflated insurance premiums? Get a quote Now is free, fast and very easy to use. This will take you 3 minutes and you will have the cheapest car insurance in Ajax.

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Auto Insurance Ajax

Spend a little time.Save a lot of money.

We have helped many drivers find the best possible deals for car insurance.

As Vaughan’s Car insurance broker, I strive to provide you with the best savings, selection, and service. I proudly provide the best Car Insurance coverage at the cheapest rates in Vaughan Ontario Car Insurance Quotes Vaughan

• Savings: I can save you money. As an insurance broker who knows and serves Vaughan, I will find the best and cheapest insurance quote from the various insurance companies that we are associated with

• Selection: I will choose the best Auto Insurance coverage and the lowest rate in Vaughan Ontario

• Service: I value your business. In a time when personal relationship has become rare, I strive to provide unparalleled service with a strong focus to achieve cost savings for my clients

My Driving Discount

Some people have better driving habits than others. That’s why my Driving Discount program that rewards good driving behaviour. Through this program, you could save up to 25%* off your car insurance premium
Step 1:
Enrolling in the my Driving Discount program is quick and easy and you automatically get a 10% discount when you sign up.

Start by getting a quote In Vaughan

Step 2:
Set up Your my Driving Discount device will come in the mail a few days after you enroll in the program. Just plug it into your vehicle’s OBD port and start the engine.

Step 3:
Depending on your driving habits, you could save as much as 25% off your auto insurance at your next renewal.

Switch Your Auto Insurance

– Save Big-

Spend Your Money On Better Things

Discounts on your Auto Insurance Rates

Telematics Program

Multi-Line Discount

Conviction Free Discount:

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Winter Tire Savings

Loyalty Savings

Student Savings

Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Premium Reduction

Short list of major reasons that could affect your Insurance Cost:
Check the policy carefully for correct information.
Combine both your house and car policies for the extra discounts.
Check postal codes
Location addresses can affect your rates.
Are you retired?
Are you over 55 years of age?
Are you paying for coverage you don’t need?
If you have a small claim, pay it yourself and save your Insurance for the big one.
Install an alarm system in your home and car.
Pay up front rather than monthly.
Higher deductibles result in savings.
Have you been consistent with one Insurance Company?
If your car is over 5 years old, you may want to take off the collision.
Before reporting a claim to your Insurance Company it is important to talk to your broker


Understanding Car Insurance Coverageds


Liability Coverage pays damages due to bodily injury and property damages to others for which you are responsible. If you’re sued, it also pays your defence and court costs. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages are some examples of what Liability Bodily Injury may cover. Liability Property Damage covers damage to property and loss of its use.

Standard auto insurance

Protects you and your family if you have an accident, covering:
1) Injury, death or property damage to others
2) Healthcare costs and loss of income for you or your family

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Collision Protection

Protect your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident with this valuable add-on feature

Comprehensive Coverage

Safeguard against damage not caused by a collision, including theft, vandalism, falling objects and more.

Optional Accident Benefits Coverages
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Transportation Replacement

Temporary Vehicle
Get access to a rental car to keep you on the road while your car is being repaired or replaced following a claim. Include
this add-on benefit and enjoy less interruption to your daily life should you have an insured loss.

Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile(s)

This endorsement provides physical damage coverage to vehicles that you may operate but do not personally own – such as a vehicle that you have rented or borrowed.

Removing Depreciation Deduction

This coverage removes the insurer’s right to deduct depreciation from the value of your vehicle when settling a claim for loss or damage caused by a peril for which you are insured.

Family Protection Coverage

This coverage protects you, or an eligible member of your family, to the same limits as your Third-Party Liability coverage if you are involved in an automobile accident where you are not at fault, with someone who carries less insurance, no insurance, or is an unidentified driver (e.g., hit and run).

Roadside Assistance

No one wants to be left stranded because of a breakdown. Whether you need a tow, battery boost or have run out of gas, we’re here to help with our optional Roadside Assistance protection.

Accident Forgiveness

Don’t let one mistake affect your good driving record. With our available accident forgiveness options, your car insurance rate won’t go up after your first accident, even if you were at-fault.

High Risk Drivers

Although an individual insurance company may refuse to sell you auto insurance if its approved underwriting rules determine you to be a “high risk,” the insurance industry as a whole cannot refuse to sell you basic insurance.
Get Online quote for High Risk Insurance Driver

Ride-sharing insurance

Ride-sharing insurance is designed for part-time drivers who use their own vehicles to carry paying passengers.
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We provide car Insurance quotes for drivers across Ontario

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